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More bad news about Gardasil

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I am pleased that more girls and their parents are pausing and asking for firm facts to back up Gardasil’s claim. It is interesting that foreign government health administrations understand that vaccines are DRUGS and can have adverse reactions.

Ask an American Pediatrician and you may be surprised at the response to the suggestion that vaccines could have anything but a benign result. What is sad; is in the US, we have over 32 girls and teen girls whose deaths their parents believe are due to their Gardasil vaccine course(s).

I would suggest looking these  girls up on FaceBook and read the comments, these girls are not alone:

Pray for Gabi Swank – Gardasil Victim

Stop Gardasil! Victoria’s Story

Help Jenny Tetlock

Jenny passed away March 15, 2009.

If you are on FB, join these groups and support these girls, they are the only ones out there, supporting them lets them know they are not alone.


UK News: Sunday Express



By Lucy Johnston and Martyn Halle

LEADING scientists and doctors have raised fresh concerns about the safety of a cervical cancer vaccine.

They have accused the manufacturers of Cervarix and another jab, Gardasil, of making misleading claims.

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Will your daughter be forced to have a STD vaccine? Possibly.

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New information links the Gardasil vaccine to thousand of health complaints and more than 30 deaths. Before there is one more unnecessary death, get the facts here

Jenny Thompson of the Health Sciences Institute exposes the real truth, some shocking side effects you aren’t hearing about, and why this so-called “cervical cancer vaccine” could be completely unnecessary. Watch this before you or your daughter considers Gardasil.

Liar Liar (again…)

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Merck Makes Phony Peer-Review Journal

It’s a safe guess that somewhere at Merck today someone is going through the meeting minutes of the day that the hair-brained scheme for the “Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine” was launched, and that everyone who was in the room is now going to be fired. The Scientisthas reported that, yes, it’s true, Merck cooked up a phony, but real sounding, peer reviewed journal and published favorably looking data for its products in them.

Merck paid Elsevier to publish such a tome, which neither appears in MEDLINE or has a website, according to The Scientist. What’s wrong with this is so obvious it doesn’t have to be argued for. What’s sad is that I’m sure many a primary care physician was given literature from Merck that said, “As published in Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine, Fosamax outperforms all other medications….” Said doctor, or even the average researcher wouldn’t know that the journal is bogus.

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Katie Couric reports on Gardasil

In Educate before you Vaccinate, Gardasil reactions and injuries on March 10, 2009 at 7:43 am

More than 10,000 adverse reactions to Gardasil, including 27 deaths, have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). And yest Merck still claims that their product is ‘safe and effective’.

Spain gets smart

In Educate before you Vaccinate, Gardasil reactions and injuries on February 11, 2009 at 10:01 am

Spain halts batch of Merck’s Gardasil

MADRID, Feb 10 (Reuters) – Spain’s Health Ministry has ordered hospitals and chemists to temporarily halt the use of a batch of cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, produced by drugmaker Merck & Co (MRK.N), after two girls became ill after a shot.

Spain’s health ministry said health services would continue to administer shots of the vaccine but ordered that the use of batch NH52670 be suspended after health authorities in Valencia region reported on Feb. 6 that two girls had become ill after receiving the injection.

Merck markets the vaccine in Europe with Sanofi-Aventis SA (SASY.PA). It competes with GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s (GSK.L) rival product Cervarix.

Both vaccines are designed to be given to girls and young women to protect against cancer-causing strains of the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV).


Sanofi Pasteur MSD, the Sanofi-Merck partnership that sells Gardasil in Europe, said it and health authorities were investigating what happened, but it added that an adverse event after vaccination did not mean the vaccination had caused it. “In both cases, other medical conditions (in the girls) have been observed and are being investigated which could be the cause of the reported events,” said Sanofi Pasteur MSD, adding that 40 million doses of Gardasil had been distributed worldwide since its launch in 2006, without showing evidence of concerns.

Simon Mather, analyst at bank WestLB, told clients the news was mildly positive for Glaxo, though in any case, Glaxo’s Cervarix shot had been chosen in 80 percent of recent tenders.

“Although millions of doses have been administered worldwide without any side effects, it could strengthen Glaxo’s claims for winning future tender bids with its rival cervical vaccine Cervarix if it transpires that batches or Gardasil are found to be contaminated,” he said in a note.

According to the health ministry, 76,000 shots from the affected batch have already been distributed to regional authorities and chemists, who have been told to halt its sale.

On Feb 3, Merck reported a 16 percent decline in quarterly sales of Gardasil and cut its expectation for the product’s sales this year [ID:nN034901126]. (Reporting by Raquel Castillo; translating by Ben Harding, editing by Will Waterman)