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Step 1: Produce chicken in the U.S.

Step 2: Ship chicken to China.

Step 3: Process chicken in China.

Step 4: Ship processed chicken back to the U.S.

Step 5: Don’t let consumers know where the chicken came from.

What do you get? Mystery Meat!

Now just imagine what will happen when the Trans-Pacific Partnership makes it easier for this kind of “free trade” with other countries like Vietnam known for exporting contaminated food!

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Dirt Bag of the Week 9/7/13: Thomas Kersting

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Fox News guest: ‘That’s a teaching moment’ when hungry kids can’t eat school lunch,

not punishment

This week’s Dirt Bag of the Week award goes to Thomas Kersting a New Jersey School Counselor who weighed in on school children in New Jersey having their school lunches tossed in the garbage if they couldn’t pay for the meal.  Fux News had Kersting on who is a school counselor who objects to children who forget lunch money from getting a meal. He instead supporting throwing the meal in the garbage and using the hunger as a teachable moment for the student.
Thomas Kersting has probably never missed a meal in his childhood nor as a school counselor does he interact with children who often rely on school lunch as their main meal of the day. Unemployment is still high, Food Stamp benefits are being slashed, and states like Massachusetts is making sure all their students have access to breakfast and lunch by providing free meals. Being hungry can affect concentration, behavior, test scores, and self esteem. I am shocked that a man like Kersting who is in a position to help students in low socioeconomic  backgrounds chooses instead to shame them and keep them hungry. Those who are on the poverty line and may not qualify for food stamps, or free and reduced lunches will bear the brunt of this ‘teaching moment’.

Fox News guest: ‘That’s a teaching moment’ when hungry kids can’t eat school lunch, not punishment.

Watch the video here

OHIO– Are you watching?

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Live Stream State Senator Wendy Davis

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Watch Senator Wendy Davis make history in Texas and protect women’s health in Texas.