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So long Almonds and Avocados–

In Bee, Earth Offenders on June 4, 2013 at 9:25 am

969089_548707725172815_1532504111_nAfter this Spring there may not be enough bees to pollinate our almond, blueberry, and avocado crops. Crops like these are in danger of becoming a true luxury item  because they are grown as such a huge monoculture. Bee’s can’t survive in an environment with only one crop for miles and miles, they need diversity (as nature intended it). California imports over 75% percent of the bees used to pollinate their monoculture crops. Without the rent-a-bees, having affordable produce like avocados and almonds may be a luxurious treat instead of a staple snack and fruit.

That prediction was made during a USDA news conference held on May 2 by Zac Browning, an Idaho bee keeper who indicated there may be a shortage of bees for pollinating the blueberry crop in Maine this spring and the almond crop in California at the end of the year.
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