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Another victim of Gardasil

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In my email today, Natural News featured a Colorado teen who is now disabled following two jabs of Gardasil vaccine. Her video is heartbreaking.

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Gardasil, Prizes, and Bribes, Oh My!

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HPV Virus Infects the Nobel Prize Committee?

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, comes a story from Newsmax that “The Nobel Prize Committee is facing criminal investigation of bribery and corruption after allegedly taking huge payments from a pharmaceutical company that directly benefits from the work of this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine.”  (Newsmax, December 12, 2008, “Swedish Officials Investigating Nobel Prize Board”)

According to the Swedish trade journal Dagen Medicina, Nobel Media and Nobel Webb, (Nobel affiliated corporations) are accused of taking “many millions” of dollars from Astra-Zeneca, which holds patents for the two human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines on the market, Gardasil in the United States, and Cerverix in Europe.

According to the Swedish prosecutor in the case, Christer van der Kwast, “The criminal charges that may become formalized are bribery and corruption.”

The 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine was given to German scientist Harald zur Hauser for his discovery of the human papilloma virus and its link to cervical cancer. 

In response to the accusations, AstraZeneca spokesman Zhou Yi claimed the company had no influence on the selection of the Nobel Prize, and its only connection was to the two Nobel subcommittees, Nobel Media and Nobel Webb, organizations which get the word out globally about “the benefits of medical breakthroughs.” 

According to the Newsmax article, however, “Yi did confirm that AstraZeneca board member Bo Angelina also sits on the committee that votes on Nobel candidates, but said it was still unclear whether he had actually voted for Hauser.”

Let’s break this down, because at times it seems like one of those plots from “Mission Impossible.”

A pharmaceutical representative from AstraZeneca sits on a board which votes on Nobel Prize candidates in medicine.  That board voted for Dr. Hauser because of his discovery that the human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer.  In turn, AstraZeneca gave several million dollars to Nobel-affiliated corporations to spread the word about “medical breakthroughs.”  Just by coincidence, the vaccine patents against the human papilloma virus are owned by AstraZeneca.

Maybe a few positive words from the Nobel committee might be just enough to make some parents ignore all those reports about bad reactions, including death from the Gardasil vaccine.

Or am I reading too much into a potential criminal charge against a pharmaceutical company?  Maybe it’s all just a terrible misunderstanding.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism

Berlin says HPV Vaccine is Useless

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Berlin – Findings by several German scientists suggest there is insufficient proof that the vaccine against cervical cancer is effective.

Thirteen researchers at the Public Health Institute at the University of Bielefeld have urged the German Standing Vaccination Committee, which advises the German government on vaccination practices, to re-examine the vaccination against human papilloma virus.


The researchers found that the results of different studies contradicted many optimistic, official findings.

The researchers made the plea in a joint statement.

‘I would like to read a serious publication that claims cervical cancer has been reduced in any country due to the vaccination,’ says Professor Martina Doeren of Berlin’s Charite Hospital.

Doeren is one of the researchers who signed the statement questioning the vaccine’s effectiveness and said there was a ‘huge discrepancy’ between the results of scientific studies and hitherto-published figures.

Doeren says she wishes the claims made on behalf of the vaccine were true, but at present there is no evidence to confirm them.

The researchers have criticized the Standing Vaccination Committee’s advice that girls between the ages of 12 and 17 should receive the vaccination.

‘There is only evidence to show the vaccine can prevent the preliminary stages of cervical cancer in girls between 15 and 17 but not in the 12 to 14 age group,’ according to the statement.

But in response to the researchers’ request for more exact data, manufacturers of the vaccine said the data was only available to scientists who were directly involved with their analysis.

Doeren has also criticised the cost of providing the vaccine to the public. The lack of evidence did not justify the several hundred million dollars it costs to provide the drug, she said and suggested the vaccine was part of a marketing campaign putting enormous pressure on women.


Concern for safety of Gardasil growing

In Educate before you Vaccinate, Gardasil reactions and injuries on June 6, 2008 at 9:25 am

Government Watchdog Group Says The Problems With GARDASIL Are Real and Adding Up

Gardasil’s ad campaign of “One Less” is working. Now there is one less healthy child in the world. The main stream article below admits Gardasil does not even work. “Even with vaccination, women still need to be screened for cervical cancer.”

KSL – GARDASIL is the world’s first vaccine against cervical cancer. Its FDA approval triggered efforts across the nation to mandate shots for school girls, but did doctors jump on the bandwagon too soon?

GARDASIL fast-tracked for FDS approval in 2006 and was aggressively promoted early last year in ads touting the fact that with the vaccine, you could be “one less” to suffer from cervical cancer.

As protection against the cancer, the vaccine targets four types of human papillomavirus, or HPV, that cause most cervical cancers. But two weeks after getting vaccinated with GARDASIL, along with a tetanus shot, 12-year-old Brittany Bell started to have problems. “It’s hard for me to lift [my leg] up. You just can’t lift it up,” she said.

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