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Another victim of Gardasil

In Educate before you Vaccinate, Gardasil reactions and injuries on February 8, 2009 at 4:04 pm

In my email today, Natural News featured a Colorado teen who is now disabled following two jabs of Gardasil vaccine. Her video is heartbreaking.

As Gardasil is being marketed and Merck lobbyists are still pushing hard to have this dangerous vaccine mandated for middle school aged children, the death toll for Gardasil is over 2 dozen and hundreds of  others are being maimed by this vaccine.  According to Barabra Loe Fisher, co-founder of the watchdog group; National Vaccine Information Center says in 2007 and 2008 Gardasil side effects accounted for 20% of the adverse reactions reported to VAERS.

Colorado teen, Ashley Ryburn was once a healthy active teen, she played four sports, danced in her school’s show choir and had an active social life, and rarely needed to see her doctor.   At 16, Ashley’s life now resembles one of a chronically ill senior citizen. Breathing treatments, blood sugar monitors, painkillers and pills to control neasuea so she can hold down a meal. Ashley has also had bouts of temporay paralysis, crippling back spasms, black outs.

Ashley’s doctor also administered a meningitis vaccine with her initial Gardasil shot. Merck’s Gardasil shots are given in a series of three shots. There have been no studies done on the interaction or safety of these two vaccines together. In fact, no vaccine has been studied for safety, only effectiveness. Gardasil’s clinical study will be complete in September of 2009, yet it is being mandated in several states here in the US, Great Britain and Australia for 11-12 yrs to be admitted into school despite the reported horrific side effects.

When I originally read the article in the Rocky Mountain News about Ashley, I didn’t have time to read the comments. Please follow the link and read them. Ashley is not alone.

  1. My daughter was 14 at the time of her first and only injection of Gardasil just over 3 months ago now. She has been vomiting every day after almost every meal every since. She was diagnosed with PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) but all sexually transmitted possibilities proved negative. (they tested her THREE times!) She has undergone every test imaginable, each showing “normal” and each individual in the medical field seems to be quite positive that it isn’t from the vaccine. and I have actually had one particular physician write a subjective in her notes, (that will be a permanent medical record) twisting everything that we had said, even lying to angle the vomiting towards belimia and not Gardasil. I showed each doctor the print out from the Gardasil website where all of the things that Ashlee have, were listed as very rare, yet very real. Each time we are dismissed with the feeling that we are just trying to make trouble! I have entered her in the VAERS data base, where 7 others have been diagnosed with the same symptoms directly after the vaccine. I have no way of contacting them or even getting a message to them to see if they are better, or how long I can expect my daughter to be sick! It has effected our entire family, financially and emotionally. I did have to get an attorney, although I don’t know what to expect! We have never been in any kind of legal situation such as this! If anyone has, or knows of someone whose daughter has had any or all of these symptoms, I beg that you contact me and let me know when I can tell my daughter to expect to feel better! Thank you all!

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