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Don’t Risk Going Unvaccinated

In Educate before you Vaccinate on January 25, 2009 at 2:50 pm


I am in no way expecting a response. I don’t think you have the courage to face the families and parents and their children that you have slandered and injured with your own Vaccine and your policies regarding vaccines.

Part of me wanted to ask you .. how you sleep at night, and how you have convinced yourself that the dramatic increase in ND and Autism and the Dramatic increase in the Vaccine Schedule have NO correlation?

I sleep soundly at night. I wake each morning to bright eyed, healthy, UNVACCINATED children. They are hardly sick.. they have NEVER had an ear infection. They don’t have vaccine damage like many of their friends do.

You like to say that an infant could tolerate 10,000 vaccines in one day. I have a thought about that..

You first..

Prove to us that they are safe. Prove to us that all the parents who have vaccine injured children are LIARS, and FRAUDS. Prove to use that their is transparency.. open your accounts and let us have a look.. Like you care.. You are set for life now that you sold off your “death-vaccine”… I mean RotaTeq…

You have no respect for parents or the damage you have caused. I don’t worry b/c will will soon expose you and your cronies and finally a Vaxed/Unvaxed study will be done and we will see the impact of Over-Vaccination on an entire generation of children..

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