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Healthy without vaccines

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Stay Healthy Without Vaccines

Thanks to Dr. Jay for part of this! ~~Dr Sherri Tenpenny

In the 1960s, children received dozens fewer vaccines than children in 2008. If children receive all recommended vaccines, they now receive 69 vaccine antigens and milligrams of chemicals by six months of age; they receive 113 by kindergarten. With all the teen boosters, including the new Gardasil vaccine, girls will have 145 vaccine antigens injected into their bodies by 10 years of age. Can that possibly be “safe” and “effective”?


The infant immune system is immature. Doctors treat sick babies completely differently than the way they treat sick toddlers, partly because infants can be overwhelmed by an infection which might not have caused a problem to a three-year-old or in an adult.

When drugs are given, the doses are calculated according to the weight of the child.

Vaccination is the only area of medicine where a six-week-old baby and a 150 pound adult get the same dose of a medication. This is absurd and dangerous medicine. An adult’s exposure to aluminum or to dose of 25 micrograms of mercury from the flu shot or the tetanus shot is bad enough, but giving those dosages to a seven year old child whose weight is less than one-third of an adult should be malpractice.

The immune system confronts many organisms on a daily basis. If you have pets, your baby crawling across the living room carpet is exposed to millions of microbes in 15 minutes.

Why fear “vaccine preventable disease” with such terror? There is no need. Your baby’s immune system responds to those bugs with antibodies and by defensive molecules in the mouth, the nose, the throat, the bronchi and gut.

Vaccines completely bypass the body’s first lines of defense and disrupt the body’s barrier to the world: the skin – and then they disrupt the integrity of the rest of the immune system.

Vaccines are injected directly into muscle or under the skin with the intent of getting the viral or bacterial response directly in the blood stream.

This amazingly unscientific approach is assumed to be “safe” and “effective” throughout the long history of vaccination and the doctors (who benefit financially) continue to administer them with false assurances of safety.

Immunization is a 200 year old false-premise and vaccination is a 200 year, money-making mistake.

The phrases “evidence-based medicine” and “science-based research” are catchy but lose meaning when you realize that the “published scientists” (i.e. doctors in organizations with important but meaningless names, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Infectious Diseases Society of America) are sponsored by the manufacturers of vaccines.

The conferences, lunches, speaking fees, airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and much more are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Have a look at the home page of any drug company under the “Career Development and Funding Opportunities” page, their “Research Awards” page, or the countless pages of advertisements for vaccines in the medical journals. Science? Maybe. Unbiased science? Not even close.

Dr. Bernadine Healy, the former head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has broken ranks with the her fellow scientists in the discussion about vaccines causing or increasing the incidence of autism. Dr. Bernadine Healy is the former head of the National Institutes of Health, and the most well-known medical voice yet to break with her colleagues on the vaccine-autism question. In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Healy said the question is still open.

The cumulative amount of aluminum in vaccines is vastly higher than it’s ever been before. Aluminum damages human brain cells and is used as an ‘adjuvant’ or irritant to allow the manufacturer to use less of the antigen itself. That is, a pertussis vaccine might have less ‘pertussis’ protein than before but it is a dangerous brain irritant. And now, they are considering giving the pertussis vaccine at birth, along with the hepatitis B vaccine. Certainly, researchers and doctors are more concerned about antibodies than they are about functioning brains.

The drug companies have little or no respect for parents and children. Their greed is the root of much of the evil that currently exists in the medical industry and the status of health in this country. Vaccines are the economic loss leaders for their industry. Relatively inexpensive vaccines help generate the billions made from drugs are used to treat the asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, cancer, diabetes, etc etc that are a result of vaccination. 

This is the only area of medicine where we deny side effects.

If Amoxicillin for a bladder infection causes a rash, diarrhea, cramps and the often inevitable yeast infection, doctors apologize and correct the problem.

Six vaccines given at the same time to a ten pound baby? Doctors tell you before the shots that vaccines are safe and have no side effects. And that the subsequent eczema, seizures, deaths and autism are coincidental and absolutely unrelated to the vaccines.

Even worse, doctors blame the “defective child” for having the reaction or the bad genes from the parents that were birthed with the “defective child.”

Yes, children still get illnesses which vaccines may have prevented but I have tracked reports of outbreaks for years. The intensity and number of illnesses pales in comparison to the number of children damaged by the current vaccination schedule.

Parents need to let go of their fear of measles. Talk to adults who had measles when they were kids. It wasn’t so bad – I know: I had measles, mumps and chickenpox all in the third grade. Yes, I was sick for a couple of weeks but it passed. And I attribute much of my adult health today to the fact that my immune system experienced the Right of Passage, normal childhood illnesses when I was a child.

The time has come for focusing on HEALTH and not “disease prevention.”

 Simple things work:

 1. Avoid white sugar, white flour and GMO foods.

 2. Drink lots of fresh, purified water (get rid of sugar-laden juices and soda pops).

 3. Eat plant-based, whole foods. Eat as much organic food as you can afford, but particularly stick with organic for meats and eggs. For picky eaters, get whole food vitamins from companies such as Juice Plus, Mannatech, Nordic Naturals or Kirkman.

Yummy Apples

Yummy Apples


 4. Get your kids outside to run, play and exercise.  Vitamin D has been found to be one of the best immune system supporters and anti-cancer nutrients in the world. Innate protection from disease.


5. Get your kids to bed on time!! They need 10 hours of sleep every night. Enforced bedtimes will do more for your children (and your relationships) than just about anything else you can do.





Please note:

All of these recommendations also apply to adult health!

We have multi-generational indoctrination about the need for vaccines.  Think of how difficult it was to convince people that the sun did not circumnavigate the earth. Or that the world was indeed round, not flat.

Be part of the solution. Keep your kids – and yourself – healthy without vaccines

1982 vs Current Vaccine Schedule

1982 vs Current Vaccine Schedule

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