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Obama Rally in Las Vegas nearly 20,000 turn out

In Politics on October 26, 2008 at 11:30 am

My father was visiting from Charleston this weekend and we heard Obama was making a stop in Las Vegas not far from my home. We attempted to see Obama yesterday at a rally at Bonanza High School. The Las Vegas Sun reported crowds over 18,000 at yesterday’s Rally in the NW part of the Vegas Valley.

By the time we got through security and just entered the gates.. Obama was done speaking.. the turnout was huge.. Everyone around us was in good spirits, talking with each other, being kind. Buying shirts.. Even the TSA people were nice..

McCain supporters showed up to demonstrate at the Rally. The lone 5 McCain supporters energized the crowed and quickly cowed the Repubs by chanting Obama’s name and drowning out their rhetoric. The stuff they spewed was the standard “He was born in Africa.” He’s a Muslim”.. “Obama isn’t a citizen”.. pretty mild (yet embarrassing for the women sporting the Teachers for McCain sign), and some Dems did take the bait and toy with them..

Truthfully.. I felt only pity for them.. They continue to cling to a dying party and a clearly unsuitable candidate because of core beliefs that Obama agrees with them on…. (Guns..higher pay for teachers, supporting our troops ect) Smearing someone like this just disappoints me. I like to think people are nice, but what was nice about this. Not one issue was brought up.. It was a bunch of people with scrawled cardboard, spreading lies and perpetuating a smear campaign. There is nothing respectable about that. McCain will clearly keep his core base, this type of behavior seems to resonate with them.

Did I mention Paln’s visit to Las Vegas last week only gathered 7,000 of the faithful in Henderson and roughly 3,000 in Green Valley? These swanky areas of the Las Vegas Valley should be brimming with GOP supporters… Where are they? Nevada is a swing state..

Will NV quickly turn blue??


Let’s hope so!

Getting through security.

Notice the Banner in the background. From me to the banner, it was a sea of people, not to mention those inthe stands.

Five lonely demonstrators.

See? They look sort of scared and unsure.. Most people just shook their heads and walked by.. The mood was so bouyant and excited..


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