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Overvaccination? Too much, too soon?

In Educate before you Vaccinate on June 5, 2008 at 1:27 pm

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey led a rally in Washington D.C. yesterday, June 4, in efforts to Green Our Vaccines. Jenny and Jim lend their voices to Generation Rescue, an Autism group that says Austism can be reversed. Generation Rescue and it’s members want the federal goverment to remove the toxins from the vaccines and revisit the current schedule. Parents are demanding answers. They are demanding to know why their children have been damaged by vaccines, and no one cares.

I could not help but notice yesterday how no media coverage was aired on TV. I called CNN and asked them why.. the nice yet vapid lady who answered the phone was not aware of Jenny’s Rally, even though she had announced it on Larry King Live when she spoke on National Autism Day. ~Bethany

 From Generation Rescue:

Our message to the CDC and AAP: “Green our vaccines, and administer them with greater care.”
Questioning the safety of vaccines is a taboo topic in the United States and many other countries. The pressure is on most pediatricians to always counsel that the “benefits outweigh the risks” when it comes to vaccinating children. Yet, most parents have heard about the legitimate concerns many parents have that vaccines may have triggered their children’s autism or other neurological disorders (“NDs”).
The growth in the number of vaccines given to our children in the last 20 years is rarely discussed in the media, despite a stunning chart like this one that shows a 260% increase in vaccines administered (were millions of children dying from deadly diseases 25 years ago? No, they weren’t.) Parents should know that vaccines are never tested for their “combination risk”, despite the fact that children may get as many as 6 vaccines in a single visit to the doctor. And, when it comes to vaccines, how can it be possible that one size fits all? What may present as no risks for one child may present enormous risks for another.


 Green Our Vaccines



Hep B 1st dose given at birth

2 month scheduled shots
1. Hep 1 (may have been given at 1 month)
2. DTap (3 in one)
3. Hib
4. IPV
5. PCV
6. Rotavirus

6 shots total at 2 months, 9 total vaccines.

4 month scheduled shots
1. Hep B
2. Dtap ( 3 vaccines in one)
3. Hib
4. IPV
5. PCV
6. Rotavirus

6 shots at 4 months, 17 total vaccines.

6 month scheduled shots
1. Hep B 
2. Dtap (3 vaccines in one shot)
3. Hib
4. IPV
5. PCV
6. Influenza
7. Rotavirus

7 shots at 6 months, 26 total vaccines in 6 months.

12 month schedule shots… Happy Birthday
2. MMR (3 shots in one)
3. Varicella (chicken pox)
5.Hep A

5 shots at 12 months, 32 total vaccinations in 12 months
Looking at the ingredients, people still wonder why our children are so ill.

Keep in mind that 15, and 18 month shots are ‘caught up’ sometimes increasing the number of shots.

This is the CDC Mandatory Vaccine Schedule. Notice the vaccines in 1983 compared to 2008. Also note that in 1982 the rate of Autism was 1 in 10,000. In 2008 it is 1 in  150, if you are male 1 in 58.

Vaccine schedule


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