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Biggest idiot on Daytime TV

In Earth Offenders on June 5, 2008 at 12:55 pm

I have to admit it, when The View began in 1997, it was new, exciting, and had many points of view to be heard. After Meredith escaped, I mean left, many viewers did as well. I have to write my post today to vent about the Conservative Extreme that has taken over the show. Without Rosie on the show to balance and reign in the current “Queen of Conservatism”; Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the show has become a podium for Mrs. Hasselbeck to hock her beliefs and Republican rhetoric. Inno way does she represent me or any other woman I know. She is not the norm.  Mrs. Hasselbeck should not be held on high for spewing judgement for those different from her, nor should she be paid to malign those who do not support her staunch Republican viewpoints.

I am sure Mrs. Hasselbeck is unaware that she does not speak for all women in America. I am sure she would be offended should she and I have lunch. I am the exact opposite of Mrs. Hasselbeck. I question authority, I demand truth, I am angry with my goverment. I question the safety of vaccines and demand toxin-free shots.

Elisabeth is offended each time someone on the panel questions the President or the current Administration.  Mrs. Hasselbeck and I are certainly not in the same economic demographic, I can’t imagine Mrs. Hasselbeck clinging to her ideals while earning $30,000 or less.

Frankly, I can’t wait until Mrs. Hasselbeck’s husband knocks her up again so she is forced to go on maternity leave again. I enjoy Whoopi and occasionally Joy. Let’s all root for the Hasselbeck sperm!!

I’d love to hear some comments from Hasselbeck supports and a perhaps a logical explanation to Elisabeth’s crazy “Life begins at penetration” idea.

Until The View can offer a more balanced panel of women, I’ll keep my TV off and get my news from the BBC.


 Idiot of the YearBefore Survivor!

Above: Hasselbeck’s current look


Pictured right: Before Survivor.. Charming little photo I found while surfing the net.. Seems I am not her biggest fan after all!


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